Upcoming Events:
Sun, Apr 30th, 1:00PM - 4:00PM
Mon, May 1st

PA Committee

We need your talent and help. Come on out, meet "more" parents and make some new friends. We really rely on your help! Please contact Chris Rickaby at 604-828-1067 or  if you would like to get involved.

Co-Chairs Chris Rickaby & Marie Takacs
Treasurer Marika Wasaznik
Secretary Audrey Suttorp
Gaming Licenses, Grants & Applications Audrey Suttorp
Members at Large Jocelyn Hernandez & Nalini McIntosh


Parents Association Sub-Committees
Knight Club Amelia Crarer
Used Clothing Sue Lashmore
Kitchen Coordinator Chris Rickaby
Christmas Craft Fair Derrick & Marina March and Suzanne Bell
CCF Baking Leader Maria Garrone
Fine Arts Arlyn Mulingbayan
Grad Activities Mona Winters, Tonya Morris
Remembrance Day Reception June Perkins
Parent Teacher Interviews Gwen Harder
Dance Chaperones Mike & Olimpia Malsegna
Baking Coordinator Marjorie Lynn
Volunteer Coordinator Jocelyn Hernandez
Hot Lunch Chris Rickaby, Kathy Petts, Sonya Scaglione, Carisa Del Rio, Bingle Del Rosario, Karen Peterson and Rhona Porcellato

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