St. Thomas More Collegiate is a Catholic co-educational independent high school (grades 8 - 12), in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, that has offered young men and women from throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland an extraordinary education and a second home for five decades. Since 1960, when three Christian Brothers opened the school to 110 Knights, STMC has helped shape thousands of young minds and touched the lives of their families. 

Today, STMC is a leader in academics, athletics and fine arts. Repeatedly ranked by the Fraser Institute as one of the top 20 secondary schools in BC, St. Thomas More Collegiate gives young people a strong academic foundation for success. Consistently, 99% of STMC students graduate, and of that number, nearly 85% pursue post-secondary studies.

But a St. Thomas More Collegiate education goes beyond academics. STMC offers students a second home that is an extension of family, develops a student’s character and faith, and teaches young adults how to participate actively in a community in which they take pride. 

STMC’s students are a force for youth philanthropy, making sandwiches and serving dinner for homeless neighbours, raising funds for local non-profits, campaigning for environmentally sensitive practices, and travelling to third world countries to dig wells and build schools. Our graduates serve their communities in all walks of life, as business leaders, social workers, academics, and solid citizens.

St. Thomas More Collegiate’s mission as a Catholic school with St. Thomas More and Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice as our role models, "endeavors to form a welcoming Christian community, recognizing and respecting the value of each individual, leading all to grow toward their full potential in their faith, knowledge, and love" and our vision is "for every Knight to make a positive contribution to the Earth and its people."  Founded by the Christian Brothers, Saint Thomas More Collegiate strives to be faithful to the vision of Blessed Edmund Rice, and seeks to teach all children who need it no matter their background, race or religion.

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