Admission Criteria

The St. Thomas More Collegiate Admission Policy gives preference to acceptance into Gr. 8 as follows:

(1) Siblings of St. Thomas More Collegiate students and a limited number of children of St. Thomas More Collegiate and Marian High School alumni.
(2) Catholic* students in good standing at the three feeder elementary schools – Our Lady of Mercy; St. Frances de Sales; and St. Michael’s.
(3) Catholic students from the five feeder parishes (those listed above plus St. Peter’s and Holy Spirit) with a letter from the pastor confirming active membership in the parish.
(4) Catholic students from non-feeder Catholic schools and parishes;
(5) Non-Catholic students from either feeder or non-feeder schools.
With the initial acceptance into Gr. 8, the Administration reserves the right to admit a limited number of Gr. 8 students from category 5 for the common good of the St. Thomas More Collegiate community.

*To be classified as Catholic, the student and family must be active and practicing Catholics within their parish as determined by the parish priest. 

Acceptance into Grades 9 -12 is at the discretion of the Administration.

Notification for incoming Gr. 8 students will take place the week following the writing of the Placement Exam.

Notification for students in Gr. 9 – 12 will not take place until after the re-registration process in March.

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