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The Mission of the "Knights of Old" Alumni Association
To coordinate events, activities and initiatives that will keep alumni and STMC connected; to foster and support communication between the St. Thomas More Collegiate Knights of Old Alumni Association and the school; and to be proactive in providing support and guidance for the current students and the alumni.

Our Vision
To celebrate the STMC experience by preserving the past, illuminating the present, and embracing the future.

What is an Alumni Association?
An alumni association is an organization of St. Thomas More Collegiate Alumni who gather together to support St. Thomas More Collegiate and its community and to develop and sustain strong ties with each other and the School. Although the association may be small in size, structure, leadership, and level of activity, all successful alumni associations rely on committed volunteer leaders.

The Importance of an Alumni Association
he importance of an alumni association is both to benefit the alumni as well as the School. The association promotes interaction among alumni in an area and provide newcomers to that area with valuable social and professional contacts. Membership also provides a way for alumni to help each other as well as prospective students, current students, and young alumni — who seek guidance in pursuing their education and in starting their careers. All association members can derive satisfaction from developing and implementing programs that promote the interests of Saint Thomas More Collegiate and its alumni.

What is the Role of an Alumni Association?
The Alumni Association plays a vital role in carrying out the mission of the School. The leadership role of an association is to encourage and promote the following:

  • Enhancement of the STMC's reputation
  • Recruitment help with prospective students, especially those of high scholastic achievement
  • Sustaining loyalty and enthusiasm among STMC alumni
  • Keeping the School's alumni office informed of up-to-date addresses
  • Forwarding information concerning prominent alumni to the School's alumni office
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Community service
  • Social events
  • Intellectual stimulation

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