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Academics are among the key elements of our Knights Compass and faith based education here at STMC. We provide a curriculum as demanding as it is rewarding, challenging students and establishing a love of learning that lasts well beyond a student’s school years.

As a preparatory school for a myriad of post-secondary options, we strive for academic excellence and are dedicated to helping students reach levels of achievement that truly reflect their ability and effort. We do so by creating ideal learning conditions that foster student engagement. These conditions ensure that each student receives personal individual attention and the opportunity to learn in a supportive and enriched environment.

Course Selection 2018 - 2019

Course selection typically begins in mid-February and continues until the beginning of March each year. We kick-off the process with grade specific parent and student meetings hosted by our Administrative & Academic Counselling teams to outline and review the programs, pathways, and academic options available to students at each grade level. The link below provides students and parents all pertinent course selection materials: presentations, Grade 8-12 Course Section Sheets, as well as all specific application materials.


Course Selection Downloads 2018-2019:

Course Selection Presentation for current Grade 8 & 9 Students - February 20th, 2018

Course Selection Presentation for current Grade 10 & 11 Students - February 22nd, 2018

Moving to STMC New Parent Meeting - April 16, 2018

2018-2019 Grade 8 Course Selection Worksheet

2018-2019 Grade 9 Course Selection Worksheet

2018-2019 Grade 10 Course Selection Worksheet

2018-2019 Grade 11 Course Selection Worksheet

2018-2019 Grade 12 Course Selection Worksheet




Applied & Fine Arts

We believe that both the Applied and Fine Arts are a meaningful part of student education, promoting creativity and self-expression while teaching patience and teamwork. Exposure to these arts expands the ability to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to invent solutions in unique ways. It is the Applied and Fine Arts that challenge the mind, improving concentration and increasing confidence.

At STMC, we have a wide array of curricular and co-curricular offerings across both Performing and Visual Arts. The Performing Arts Program provides a lively and stimulating classroom environment in the disciplines of drama, choir, and band. Our facilities boast outstanding performing and rehearsal spaces.

Education through our Visual Arts Program is vital to students’ holistic and creative growth, helping them develop new ways of seeing their world and expressing their thoughts. Students have access to a spacious Art Studio and an outdoor space – our courtyard - to draw inspiration from beyond the classroom.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions


Through our English Department, STMC students develop into imaginative thinkers, powerful analysts, cogent writers, and informed citizens. Our approach to an intensive scrutiny of some of the world’s greatest literature is the key to unlocking academic excellence. By promoting fine writing, keen powers of analysis, and a true love of speaking, we allow students to explore the world of literature through their own experiences. Throughout their time at STMC, students learn to develop their rhetorical crafts and leave as assertive and sophisticated speakers.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions

French Language

The French Language Department instills in students the ability to use language to communicate, and to appreciate Francophone cultures while negotiating the complexities of an intercultural world. Our rigorous yet fun programs and authentic foreign language activities, prepare students for a culturally diverse world.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions


The STMC Math Department places great emphasis on the development of mathematically powerful students. Our curriculum focuses on numeracy skills and concepts, as well as their practical application in higher education and the workplace. We believe students learn at various rates and have created course offerings to help students at any level achieve excellence in mathematics.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions

Physical Education

The STMC Physical Education Department provides students with the opportunity to develop appropriate fitness and motor skills, acquire knowledge, and demonstrate a positive attitude in a variety of recreational and team related activities. Students will be encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves, work with others cooperatively, and develop an appreciation of a healthy lifestyle through daily activities. While students are evaluated on participation, attendance and personal fitness, we encourage students to take ownership of their learning by getting involved with the evaluation process.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions


The mission and vision of the Religion Department at STMC are based on the Essential Elements of a Christian Brother education.  We strive to enrich the spiritual lives of our students and encourage them to manifest their faith through instruction, community service and personal growth.  The curriculum and co-curriculum experiences (i.e. retreats) has an aim to encourage students to live a Christian lifestyle.  Overall, through our teaching, mission collections, our service program and the presence of the Brothers, the religion department aims to create a positive religious experience for our community.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions


STMC’s Science Department provides a program with strong emphasis on experimentation to develop critical thinking, skills of analysis, reasoning, evaluation, problem solving and decision-making in our students. We provide a broad range of provincial course offerings, as well as our locally developed courses specific to STMC such as Astronomy and Sports Therapy.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions

Social Studies

The Social Studies discipline is by its very nature broad and dynamic. Students learn about history, geography, culture, economics, law, government, social organization, and current issues and events. Students also learn how to belong to, and take responsibility for, the various communities of which he or she is a member: local school and neighbourhood, town and province, country and world. As students work through our social studies curriculum, they learn to think like a historian, act responsibly as citizens, and become passionate about the world in all its complexity.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions


STMC recognizes the increasing value of technological literacy and ensures that our students are equipped with the skills they need to advance in the ever-changing climate of the 21st century. Our Multimedia Department uses industry standard software to teach students skills in a variety of areas such as digital image editing, website design, video editing and 3D modelling and animation.

Download 2018-2019 STMC Academic Requirements & Course Descriptions



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