Game Development Club

Dear Future Students,

We would like to inform you all about an amazing club here at STMC called Game Development Club (M-GAP Development)! The name says it all-we make games! In this club, we create games ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity for people who want to go into the vast industry of game development as a career. There will also be opportunities to meet people from the industry as well!

We are a group of mostly high school students with varying levels of experience and skill. This is a nonprofit mini “organization”. We are a fun club/team that has a sense of responsibility, order, and structure. We stress that NO experience is necessary to join us, only a devoted and heart and mind and willingness to learn are required. There are five main departments, of which you may choose to join, but we highly recommend you only bite off as much as you can chew! Even if you are not going to STMC, you can definitely work with us. Visit our website (note: full implementation is still in progress and it doesn't work yet on some wifi networks) and contact us through social media on instagram or twitter!

> Click for more information

> Check out the club's first game, Clavis Aurea (to play: download the zip file and then, after unzipping, open the .exe file)

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