Outdoor Club

The Outdoor club will be starting up again next year after a one year hiatus. The club will be headed up by Mr. Andy Barron who has considerable experience leading outdoor activities. Activities will occur every 3-4 weeks, usually on a Saturday. Outings could include but are not restricted to hiking, cycling, camping, snowshoeing, igloo building, etc. Every attempt will be made to find outings in the Vancouver area that are transit friendly. Cost to join is $15 per student. It is hoped that the students will develop a range of skills in outdoor activities, demonstrate a degree of self-reliance and a respect for the environment.

Andy Barron Zoli Szlivka
Teacher Moderator Teacher Moderator
604-521-1801 ext 401 604-521-1801 ext 450
andy.barron@stmc.bc.ca zoli.szvlika@stmc.bc.ca

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