GKO 2015 - A Look Back

A Good Time Was Had By All!!

Golf, friends and good food!  Now that is a winning combination especially when you add perfect weather conditions.  The 16th Annual GKO was once again a tremdendous success. We also raised enough the money needed to fund the Knight of Old Scholarship and make the Alumni Association final $5,000 payment to the gym building fund.  Amazing!

Of course, a successful event like the GKO depends on the generous support of a number of individuals who volunteered their time, donated prizes or sponsored golf holes. To see a copy of the tourney program that includes the names of all our tournament supporters, please click here

Here are the tournament results:

Third Place Foursome:  Dave Dallazanna, Ricardo Carravagio, Roger Cummings and Elliott Verlaan

Second Place Foursome:  Brian Chow, Scott Marshall, Eric Cheng and Derek Papas

First Place Foursome:  Denny Dumas, Jordan Wong, Alex Thierman, Alex D'Angelo

Men's Longest Drive: Alex D'Angleo  Ladies' Longest Drive:  Katie Hensrud   Closest to Pin:  Roger Cummings

Kozak Kup Wiinners:  The 1965 boys who celebrated their 50th reunion:  Warren Coughlan, Gene Therrien, Pat Derouin and special guest: George Mollinari

Mulligan Draw: Gabe Savage   50/50 Draw: The Dallazanna Foursome   $500 Cash Draw: Susan Silviera who donate the prize back to the school.




                         Borthistle Foursome                                                   Freire Foursome


                            Roder Foursome                                                       Hieltjes Foursome


                             Toor Foursome                                                           Silveira Foursome


                            Boden Foursome                                                      Johnston Foursome


                             Kully Foursome                                                            McCormick Foursome


                           Mitchell Foursome                                                         Reis Foursome


                     Rubben Foursome                                                            Wallace Foursome


              Hole/Dawson/Bouwman Foursome                           Grads of 1965 and George Molinari


                           Bradford Foursome                                                   NBA Foursome


                       Dallazanna Foursome                                                    Savage Foursome 


                           Cheng Foursome                                                       Shokar Foursome


                           Spanjers Foursome                                                       Chapman Foursome


                           Sherley Foursome                                                        Wise Foursome


                          Thierman Foursome                                                   Elliott Foursome


                          Friesen Foursome                                                    Matt Mithchell Foursome












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