Grade 11 Parents Needed - Dry Grad

June 24-25, 11pm-6:00am at 8-Rinks, Burnaby

We know it’s late and a long night but you get to meet your fellow Grade 11 parents, (which is big because you will be going through this next year!), enjoy watching our grad students at the party of the year and get a bird's-eye view into what your future grad will be enjoying next year.  The kids are excited and happy and it’s always a great night!

Before dry grads, students used to go out partying on their own after their dinner-dance which led to way too many tragedies.  We want all STMC grads to have a great time partying for the last time with all of their class in a safe, alcohol-free environment!
We would really appreciate if some more of you would be kind enough to volunteer to help us out. (While we concentrate on Grade 11 parents as their kids are up next, we are thrilled to have any parents help us!  It’s never to early to see what lies ahead for your kids!)

If you can volunteer or if you have any questions, please contact Dry Grad Captain Mona Winters at:

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