Physical Education

Every student in every grade participates in STMC's Physical Education program. Activites change regularly, and have included basketball, volleyball, yoga, dodge ball, running and dance. The activities and benefits of the Physical Education program has been greatly enhanced by recent expansion of athletic facilities. 

Classes focus on equal participation, basic knowledge of various activities, sportsmanship in competition, and confidence-building so that students may continue in an active pursuit beyond school.

The objectives of STMC's Physical Education program are:

  • To ensure that all students get a minimum level of physical activity each week.
  • To introduce students to a variety of fitness activities with the intent that students might adopt a healthy outlet or hobby that they can continue outside of class, and
  • To provide a different kind of learning environment in which to teach important social and emotional skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and dealing productively with mistakes and criticism.
Backy Lang
Physical Education Department Head
604-521-1801 ext 405

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