Mr Joe Adams

Vice Principal, Gr. 8-10
Extension: 105
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Mrs Bev Anchikoski

Administrative Assistant
Extension: 128
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Mr Frank Ashley

Courses: PE 9 - 12 and English 8
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Mrs Rose Astorino

French Department Co-Head
Courses: French 8, 10, 11; Eng. 8
Extra-curricular: Walkathon
Extension: 400
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Mrs Fatemeh Balouchi

Courses: Workplace Math 10, 11
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Mr Andy Barron

Courses: Math Foundations 12, 12; Pre-Calculus 11, Calculus 12
Extra-curricular: Outdoor Club
Extension: 401
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Br G. T. Bassett

Extension: 402
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Mr Andy Beadon

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Mrs Loretta Bilawey

French Department Co-Head
Courses: French 8, 10
Extra-curricular: Senior Girls Volleyball Coach
Extension: 403
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Mr James Borthistle

Athletic Director
Courses: Math 8, 10
Extra-curricular: Ski & Snowboard Club, Grade 8 Girls' Volleyball
Extension: 106
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Mr Hank Bouwman

Academic Counsellor
Courses: Religion 11, 12
Extension: 119
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Mr Ramil Bulaoro

Maintenance Assistant

Mrs Paola Caravaggio

Courses: Learning Assistance
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Ms Evelyn Chialoh

Special Education Assistant
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Ms Natasha Chinnapen

Director of Teaching and Learning / Math Department Head
Courses: Math 8, 10, 11, 12
Extra-curricular: Mainstage Production, Dance Team
Extension: 420
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Mrs Maria Cirillo

Extra-curricular: Dinner Club
Extension: 100
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Ms Ursula Codd

Courses: Art 8, 9, 11, 12; Yearbook 11, 12; Civilization 12
Extra-curricular: Cross-Country, Track & Field
Extension: 417
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Mrs Nermine Codron

Extension: Special Education Assistant
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Mrs Jessika Cordeiro


Mr Richard Coulombe

Courses: Earth Science 11; French 9, 10, 12
Extra-curricular: Pro-Life Club
Extension: 406
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Ms Kirsten Davidson

Courses: Learning Assistance; Science 8
Extra-curricular: Swimming
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Mr Dave Dawson

Courses: Biology 11; Science 10
Extra-curricular: Gr. 8 Girls' Basketball, Jr. Ultimate
Extension: 416
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Mr Steve De Lazzari

Guidance Counsellor
Courses: Economics 12; Psychlogy 11/AP, 12
Extra-curricular: Sr. Football, Wrestling
Extension: 118
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Mrs Jacqueline Doering

Director of Advancement
Extra-curricular: Legion of Mary/Knights of Mary
Extension: 131
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Ms Fiona Doyle

Courses: Learning Assistance
Extra-curricular: Social Club
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Ms Marian Eugine

Special Education Assistant

Mrs Jennifer Farano

Courses: English 11; PE 10
Extra-curricular: Sr. Girls' Basketball
Extension: 434
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Mrs Neysa Finnie

Extension: 102
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Mr John Freire

Courses: Learning Assistance
Extra-curricular: Grade 8 Football, Sr. Girls' Soccer
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Mr Steve Garland

Extension: 103
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Mrs Anne Hall

Courses: Learning Assistance
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Mr Darrell Hall

Courses: Religion 10, 12
Extension: 407
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Mr Domingo Iquin

Maintenance Assistant
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Mr Ben Johnston

Courses: Religion 8; Science 8
Extra-curricular: Grade 8 Boys Basketball, Track & Field Assistant Coach, Green Team
Extension: 447
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Mr Mike Kinal

Courses: Guitar Building 11; Woodworking 8, 9; Planning 10 (Online)
Extension: 440
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Ms Iryna Kolesnyk

Courses: Learning Assistance
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Ms D. Konrad

Extension: 433
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Mr Bernie Kully

RIP July 30, 1976 - September 30th, 2017

Ms Becky Lang

Courses: PE 8; Religion 9, 10
Extra-curricular: Sr. Girls' Volleyball, Track & Field
Extension: 412
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Ms Cassie Lauang

Courses: English 8; Math 8; Drama 8, 9
Extra-curricular: Jr. Girls' Volleyball; Jr. Girls' Basketball, Student Council, Dance Committee
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Ms Danielle Lowe

Guidance Counsellor
Extension: 114
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Mr Johnson Lui

Choir Director
Courses: Choir 8-12
Extra-curricular: Mainstage Production
Extension: 116
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Mr David Mattiazzo

Director of Campus Ministry
Courses: Religion 9, 10; Fitness 12(am)
Extra-curricular: Sr. BERT, Jr. Football, Track & Field, International Program
Extension: 127
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Mr Darren McCormick

Social Studies Department Head
Courses: Social Justice 12; Social Studies 10 & 11
Extra-curricular: Junior Boys Basketball
Extension: 414
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Mr Aaron Mitchell

Director of Student Life / PHE Department Head
Courses: PE 9, 10
Extra-curricular: Sr. Boys' Basketball
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Mr Joe Muise

Courses: Astonomy 11; Physics 11, 12, Science 9
Extra-curricular: Sr. Ultimate, Astronomy Club, Students on the Beamlines, Science Competitions
Extension: 415
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Mr Ken Olson

Director of IT
Courses: Info Tech 9; Media Arts 12
Extra-curricular: News Cast Team
Extension: 117
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Ms Danielle Paloposki

Courses: Biology 12; Science 8; Sports Therapy 11
Extra-curricular: Junior Girls Volleyball
Extension: 413
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Ms Helen Pan

Courses: Learning Assistance
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Mr Carl Polych

Maintenance Supervisor
Extension: 431
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Mr Jared Power

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Mr Joseph Power

Courses: Math 8 - 10
Extra-curricular: Gr 8 Boys Basketball
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Mrs Karryn Ransom

Courses: French 8, 9, 11
Extension: 422
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Mrs Alice Roder

Advancement Services Officer
Extra-curricular: Breakfast Club, Walkathon
Extension: 133
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Mrs Adelea Rodrigues

Courses: English 9
Extension: 419
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Mr David Ruzycki

Courses: Socials 8; Planning 10
Extra-curricular: Jr. Football
Extension: 432
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Mr Ethan Shoemaker

Fine Arts Department Head
Courses: Band 8 - 12
Extra-curricular: Elementary Band, Music Leadership Team
Extension: 134
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Mr Tim Shoveller

English Department Head
Courses: English 8, 12
Extra-curricular: Creative Writing, Tennis
Extension: 428
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Mrs Susan Silveira

Director of Business Operations
Extension: 112
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Ms Dina Spagnuolo

Extra-curricular: Book Club, Peer Tutoring, Swimming
Extension: 129
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Mr John Spanjers

Academic Counsellor
Courses: Socials 9
Extra-curricular: Gr. 8 Girls' Basketball
Extension: 115
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Ms Carrie Spoviero

Special Education Assistant
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Mr K.C. Steele

Vice Principal Gr. 11-12
Extra-curricular: Sr. Football
Extension: 104
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Mr Zoli Szlivka

Courses: English 10, 11
Extra-curricular: Intramurals, Outdoor Club
Extension: 450
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Mrs Carmela Taylor

Courses: Learning Assistance
Extra-curricular: Track & Field
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Mr Joe Thierman

Courses: Physics 11; Science 9, 10
Extra-curricular: Golf, Sr. Girls' Basketball
Extension: 423
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Mr Chris Toth

Science Department Head
Courses: Science 10; Chemistry 11, 12
Extension: 424
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Ms Stephanie Walker

Courses: Special Education Assistant
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Mrs Fane Wong

Accounts Assistant
Extension: 114
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Mr Jason Wong

Communications Manager
Extension: 101
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Mr Carlo Zavarise

Courses: History 12; Law 12; Socials 10, 11
Extra-curricular: Debate Team, Jr. Girls' Soccer, Gr 8 Football
Extension: 426
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Mr Dominic Zimmermann

Director of Alumni Relations / Religion Department Head
Courses: English 9; Religion 8, 9
Extra-curricular: Jr. BERT, Jr. Boys' Basketball
Extension: 439
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