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Edmund Rice Scholarships

The Edmund Rice Scholarships are offered every year, to a maximum of five, with a value of $500 each, which are renewable annually. Areas of consideration are ​participation in school community, community service and citizenship activities, personal statement, and academic ability. To be considered, candidates must do the following:

  1. Enter St. Thomas More Collegiate at the start of the school year following the successful completion of grade 7.
  2. Write the St. Thomas More Collegiate Grade 7 Placement Test.
  3. Submit letters written by themselves explaining why they should receive Edmund Rice Scholarships, why they wish to attend St. Thomas More Collegiate, and what they feel they can offer St. Thomas More Collegiate.
  4. Submit letters of reference from non-school sources, such as coaches, Scout leaders, or dance instructors.
  5. Submit all necessary papers by March 8, 2017.
  6. Maintain an average of at least 86% and participate in at least 2 school activities in order to have the scholarships renewed each year following admission.

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