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Employment Opportunities

Principal Search: Jan 27, 2017 - February 24, 2017

As the contract of our current Principal draws to a close, the exciting opportunity exists for a talented leader to nurture and develop our school’s traditions and vision while guiding our vibrant community into the future.

As an independent Catholic secondary school rooted in the traditions of the Blessed Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, our ideal candidate is an active and practicing Catholic whose multi-faceted skills and experience as an educator and administrator will lead and inspire our students and faculty in their emotional, creative, intellectual, scholastic, physical and, in particular, spiritual development.

As the Principal of STMC, you are an inspiring presence, attuned to the particularities of our heritage, culture and the desires of our many stakeholders, while ensuring the continued excellence of our spiritual, curricular and extra-curricular programming. You will be deeply involved in strategic planning, advancing and promoting the mission and vision of STMC as we move into our 8th decade as an institution, while also being actively engaged in all aspects of school life. Your unique set of skills, characteristics and experiences will be examples for staff and students, not to mention parents, alumni and donors alike, and will set the tone of the school for years to come.

If you are interested in this exciting and rewarding opportunity, and would like to learn more about the application process, please click below to see our posting.



Principal Job Posting

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