Funding Needs

Fallen Knights Bursary

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Gifts received to this fund will be placed in an endowment fund account. Investment income from the fund will be used to provide financial assistance to families in need who wish to have their son or daughter receive the exceptional Edmund Rice Christian Brother education that STMC offers. The endowment fund will ensure that bursaries will be available to STMC students every year in perpetuity.


Athletic Success Fund

STMC has a long-standing and well-established reputation of producing outstanding athletes both at the amateur and professional levels. Gifts to this fund will provide support for continued athletic success among our students. The fund covers cost associated with sports competitions, equipment, and other related expenses when our teams reach provincial or national levels.


Facilities Fund

The quality of each student’s experience is at the very heart of the STMC community. Gifts to this fund directly enhance our students’ learning experience as they are directed toward the maintenance, improvement and upgrade of campus facilities. Our improved facilities also benefit our extended STMC community.


Areas of Greatest Need

Unrestricted gifts are most helpful for the school as they allow STMC to allocate funds to areas where they are most needed. The impact of giving to areas of greatest need is, for the most part, seen or felt immediately as it addresses the school’s needs as determined by STMC administration. Gifts to this fund ensures that we continue to provide our students superior curricular and extra-curricular programs, top-notch technology and physical facilities, and a contemporary, safe and inspiring learning environment.


Named Student Awards

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Student support such as scholarships and awards helps our students pursue higher education. Your contribution to this area also provides them important recognition for all their hard work to achieve academic success.  The impact you are making to students’ lives by giving to scholarships and awards will last for many years to come.


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