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St. Thomas More Collegiate is a non-profit coeducational secondary school dedicated to providing the highest level of Catholic education.  The school is legally organized as an independent trust, The Saint Thomas More Collegiate (2002) Trust. The Board of Trustees appoints the Board of Directors, who meet regularly to review school progress, approve major decisions, and determine the strategic direction.  In 2015, the Board of Directors adopted a President/Principal model for school administration and governance. The President, who reports to the Board of Directors, is responsible for the business and administrative aspects of the school including implementation of strategic direction, advancement, alumni, parent association relations, and communications.  The Principal, who reports to the President, is responsible for all educational aspects of the school including faculty and students and all faith, academic, and athletic programs.  Assisting in the administration of the school are two vice-principals.

The Trustees
The Board of Directors
School Administration
Archbishop Michael Miller, CSB
Dan Eisner, Chair
Neysa Finnie, President
Fr. Gary Franken
Ben Hieltjes, Past Chair 
Michel DesLauriers, Principal
Mr. Kevin MacDonald
TBA, Secretary
K.C. Steele, Senior Grades Vice-Principal
Mr. Steve Power
Julia Webber, Junior Grades Vice-Principal
Mr. Doug Witzel Br. Gordon Bassett  
  Angiola DeStefanis  
  Ed Duda  
  Neysa Finnie
  Matthew Friesen
Phil Gerard
  Caterina Kennedy  
  Br. Peter O'Loughlin


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