NEW! Online Calendar

This summer, STMC alumnus and webmaster David Paquin ('07) has been a busy beaver putting together an online calendar for the academic year.
Gone is the static pdf, here to stay is a dynamic calendar that will always show the most up-to-date information regarding school events and happenings. You'll be able to follow the comings and goings of the school better than with Harry Potter's Maurauder's Map!
Highlight Features:
  • Click on any calendar event to see more in-depth information (this will normally be updated about a month in advance).
  • Colour coded events
  • Calendar toggles, showing just the type of events you're interested in.
  • Block management: blocks are shown and will be instantly updated in the event of an unforeseen change in schedule.
  • Athletic events will be added as soon as schedules are known.
  • Subscribe function: subscribe to the calendar with your outlook or online calendar to be always up-to-date. So you won't be able to use "calendar fail" as an excuse any longer!

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