Halloween Message

Halloween is a fun and festive day which is celebrated by the STMC community by allowing the students to dress up in costume. Typically, the time around Halloween is incident free and very respectful.

From time to time, a few students “in character” push the bounds of what is socially acceptable, or what is appropriate behavior in school sometimes at the expense of others.

With that in mind, we would like your assistance in reinforcing these guidelines with our students for their safety and school climate reasons:

  • Students in costume should be easily recognizable and/or identify themselves to any staff member when queried.
  • Replica weapons ( guns, knives etc.) are inappropriate and should not be included as part of a student’s costume.
  • Students “in character” are to conduct themselves appropriately. Behavior which intimidate, harass, or humiliate members of the community or other behaviors which are inappropriate at the expense of others, do not contribute to a fun and safe environment.

Finally, and with respect to the ‘clown phenomenon’ that has recently been portrayed in the media, it is important for all of us to recognize that there still exists a level of sensitivity to this situation among some of our students. All individuals need to be mindful and respectful of this, and should regulate their behavior with the previously stated guidelines in mind.

With your assistance, I trust this day will contribute to the overall spirit of the day and make it a memorable and enjoyable one for our students.

Mr. Michel DesLauriers



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