President's Message for April

I had the blessing of attending a retreat given by Bishop Emeritus David Munroe. The theme of the retreat was “Project: To become a saint”.

Becoming a saint seems like an impossible project. When caught up in the daily challenges and chaos of life, how could I carve out time to work on this formidable project? The answer could be in the mission preached by Fr. Wade Menezes CPM who says, in part, we work out our salvation by being “faithful to our daily duty” - whatever that daily duty is. And then taken together with the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux who tells us that it is in “little ways” that we respond to God’s call to us. "What matters in life," she wrote, "is not great deeds, but great love."
Could becoming a saint really be that easy? In being faithful to our daily duty, not in the great deeds but in each of the small tasks we do every day, that we act with great love - for the people for whom or to who we perform the task and in completing the task itself. When I woke up from my heart surgery in February (on Valentine’s Day!), I heard the Holy Spirit say to me “be from the heart”. And, here in the retreat of Bishop Munroe, the mission of Fr. Menezes and the words of St. Therese of Lisieux again the theme is one of moving with great love. I am now pondering and reflecting on how I will realize that call.
As this Lent comes to a close, as a reminder for our prayer intentions for a miracle cure for our staff members who are experiencing serious health concerns, please use this time of Lent to pray fervently and with childlike faith for a miracle. All things are possible with God.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts .... forever.

Mrs. Neysa Finnie

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