President's Message for May

May is an interesting time around STMC.  Even though we have 2 months to go, the end of the school year is in sight; you can feel students starting to make the transition.  On May 2nd, all staff members got the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Grade 12 students.  It was time to learn about the student’s future plans, about their experiences at STMC and about their faith journey.  I am inspired by our graduates.  They are articulate and well spoken.  Most feel ready to move to the next stage of their life. 

From the time our Knights join STMC in September of Grade 8 to graduation is 58 months.  When you look at their time in high school in terms of months that seems like such a short period of time.  In our world where we are always trying to keep up or catch up, one of the best lessons we can teach our students is to stay present.  Don’t rush to the future.  Experience today and all that it has to offer.  Of course that doesn’t mean that through our work we aren’t preparing our Knights for the future.

A quote from the book “Decision Point” from Dynamic Catholic reads, “Life is about saying yes to the things that help you become the best-version-of-yourself and no to the things that don’t”.  Our prayer is that as parents and educators through living the experiences of each day we are helping these special young adults discern when to say yes and when to say no.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts …. forever.

Mrs. Neysa Finnie


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