Presidents Message for October 2017

Homilies are a great source of inspiration.  Each week, no matter where in the world I happen to be attending mass, there is usually at least one gem which causes me to ponder.

During a recent homily, the priest said, “It is true that we have to take people as they are, but we don’t have to leave them that way.  Jesus never did”.  It struck me that while our society promotes a culture of “respect”, many people interpret that to mean they can’t share the truth of Jesus Christ or the Catholic faith with people who might not share our beliefs – for fear of “offending” the person by not “agreeing” with their point of view.  Respect means “to have due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of …”.  Respect does not mean not being able to express a different point of view.  Sharing our faith is not chastising or calling people out on their beliefs providing we demonstrate due regard.

The priest went on to say “The mission of the Church is to be catholic, that is to be truly universal. The Church will never rest until the Gospel reaches every heart, every soul, every life. You and I are part of that mission. As Pope Pius XII said many years ago, by baptism we do not simply belong to the Church, we are the Church. Do we take the significance of that fact seriously? Each of us is here not because we had a vision or a visit from an angel, but because some human being cared enough to share the faith with us.  Are we willing to do the same?”

Am I willing to do the same?  Are you willing to do the same?

Live, Jesus, in our hearts … forever.


Mrs. Neysa Finnie


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