Principal's Message for October 2017

No matter where you are in the world the start of each school year is associated with new beginnings and the prospect of a bright and limitless future.  It truly is a magical time to be associated with a learning community.  It is the penultimate intersection of when hopes run high and expectations even higher.  Its real gift, however, is that it presents each of us – students and faculty alike – with a glorious opportunity to begin anew. For every one of our students the start of classes in September was a chance to hit the “reset button” and to establish both new academic and personal goals for the year ahead.  For our faculty, the advent of each fall provides teachers a bit blank slate and the ability to begin implementing the (literally) thousand-and-one ideas for lessons and activities that have been percolating in our brains even long before the previous school year ended.

Over the past month we have come together as a community to celebrate and to make new connections.  The time honoured tradition of our annual Knighting Ceremony saw us welcome our 142 incoming Grade 8s, as well as all new students, faculty, and staff into the STMC fold.  As a newbie myself, it was a fabulous way to be brought into the family and something I will cherish forever.  This spectacular event was followed quickly on the heels by our first Varsity Homecoming game on Power Field in almost a decade.  In the weeks that have passed since these events we have begun to find a rhythm that the routine of school brings.  Classes are now in full-swing and the academic year has truly begun in earnest.  Our choirs and bands are in full rehearsal mode and our other sports teams are deep into their league and tournament play.

In keeping with the Essential Elements of a Blessed Edmund Rice Education we implore all of our students to pursue excellence in ALL of their endeavours.  While we ask them to be honest and realistic in their goalsetting, at the same time we also encourage them to shoot for the moon!  Have the courage and the confidence to utilize the many gifts that they have been blessed with to challenge themselves… to test their limits… and to take their very own moonshot.  Moonshot thinking is what great teaching and learning is all about.  It is belief and a way of thinking that can change the world.  At the very least such thinking has the ability to change the path that they have begun to forge.  Please encourage your daughters and sons to not settle for less than what you are capable of achieving!  They not only cheat themselves of tremendous opportunities and experiences, but they rob all of those within our broader school community the chance to witness the many gifts and talents that God has given them. 

I pray that the year ahead is extraordinarily rewarding for every single person who is associated with St. Thomas More Collegiate!

Saint Thomas More… Pray for us!

Blessed Edmund Rice… Pray for us!

Live Jesus in our hearts… Forever!


Kind regards,

Steve Garland – Principal, STMC

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