Principal's Message for November 2017

The world of schools - if anything - are whirlwinds of activity. We had only been back a matter of days in that first week of September when I remarked to another faculty member that our students and teachers appeared as though they were humming along in mid-term form.  It was truly a great start.  Eight weeks later... that is exactly where we now find ourselves.  Although a wee bit shocking to think that next week marks the half-way point of our first term of studies... it is precisely because SO many amazing things happen at STMC everyday that many of us are likely left wondering where September and October has gone. 

That breakneck pace of the past two months has witnessed countless ‘moments of magic’ in classrooms; fine tuning and rehearsals for our performing arts students; emerging materpieces being created in our art studio and woodwork shop; as well as wins (and the occasional loss) on the court / field / race course, and in the pool.  Yet, our missions and campus ministry work continue to help ground us as they provide us with the opportunity to pause, and a chance to appreciate and reflect on what’s truly important.

As incredible as our start-up has been our first two months have not been without its challenges.  Mr. Kully’s passing has had an impact on everyone associated with our school community.  I am resolved that his absence has left a void that will never truly be completely filled.  My experiences to date have shown me that is often in the most challenging times that the real character of a school is revealed.  I have experienced loss in almost every school I have worked in, but nothing has matched what I have witnessed at STMC over these past four weeks. The outpouring of love and support both from within and from outside of our school community has been unlike anything I have ever seen anywhere.  It has truly been remarkable and - like all of you - I feel blessed to be a member of the STMC community.

The pace of the next 6 weeks promises to be no less frenetic.  Class work, Progress Reports, university applications for our 12s, and Parent-Teacher Interviews will be interspersed with playoffs for many of our fall sports teams and the start of our winter basketball and wrestling seasons.  At the same time we will be preparing for our Knight of Music, as well as the myriad of pre-Christmas events and festivities.

The world of schools are indeed ‘magical’ whirlwinds of activity!

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