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Parents Association

(We should, in the intro blurb about the PA, answer the following questions, either overtly (such as below) or within a paragraph structure:)

What is the Parents Association (PA)?

What is the purpose of the PA?
(words from Collingwood's webpage as an example)The purpose of the Parents’ Council is to fundraise, “friend-raise” and “fun-raise” by creating a social network of Collingwood parents through our many events, and to assist with the ongoing development of the school.

What is the difference between the PA and a Parents Advisory Committee (PAC)?

Why do we have these events and activities?

Who decides how monies raised by the PA are spent?


(Some text which was already included on the website that could be of use:)

The purpose of the Parents' Association is to support and enrich the St. Thomas More Collegiate community, and to enhance the relationship between parents, staff and students, both educationally and spiritually.

In order to accomplish this, the Parents' Association will endeavor to help in the organization, implementation and support of the school events, social events and fund raising events. Every parent or guardian is considered a member of the STMCPA.

Our major fundraising events take place during the first half of the school year. Please mark these important event dates on your calendar and take advantage of the many opportunities for involvement throughout the year.

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