Personal Counselling

The Personal Counselling Department can best be described in a simplistic fashion as follows:

Whenever we feel ill, we will try and remedy the situation by seeing our doctor. If our teeth are hurting us, we will see a dentist, or if we sustain a sports injury we will see a physiotherapist.

The above are only some aspects of how our bodies might break down. So much of how God created us depends on our thoughts, our emotions and our behaviors. If any of these three areas break down, it can lead to a variety of struggles in one’s life, whether on the homefront, at work, or at school. Counselling helps individuals who are struggling in any of these three areas, and the counselors are here to help any student or family reach their maximum potential.

Referrals for counseling may come from parents, friends, teachers, administration or individuals themselves when they recognize that they are struggling in some facet of their life.

Steve DeLazzari Danielle Lowe
Personal Counsellor Personal Counsellor
604-521-1801 ext 118 604-521-1801 ext 114


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