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Spring Break Trip

During the Spring Break of 2017, STMC will once again be leading an Educational Excursion overseas.  This will be the fifteenth year that we have provided this opportunity for our students.  We believe that students will benefit from these tours in the following ways:

1.    They will have the opportunity to see a new country, culture and way of life.
2.    They will be exposed to new and unique educational experiences.
3.    They will have fun while learning
4.    They will create life-long memories
5.    It will instill multicultural awareness, which is a necessity in today’s global economy

The specific dates of the tour are March 13th, 2017 -March 24th, 2017

This year we will be going on an Educational Excursion to Ireland. We will be travelling throughout the entire country while trying to follow in the footsteps of Blessed Edmund Rice.  The name of our tour is Mr. Corbett’s Ireland: An All Irish Adventure and is 12 days long.  This specific itinerary can be viewed here with the ID Corbett-7921

Because of the value we put into this trip, it is open to any student from grades 8 - 12 in our school.  The approximate price of this tour is $4000, which includes airfare, hotel, transportation, continental breakfast, dinner and most entrance fees to special attractions.  The price may change slightly, but this is basically the price of the tour not including spending money. Of course we want every student to have an opportunity to participate in this excursion, but we take the following into account when deciding on the final tour participants:

In-School Behaviour

If you are interested in this tour for your son or daughter please contact:

Mr. Doug Corbett
521-1801 ext. 106 (or see him at STMC)

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