At Long Last, Finished

Each September marks the beginning of what, in our craft, becomes a mad rush to the end. Everything in a school like ours, because our students are involved in so many different activities and opportunities, seems to happen all at once and usually at breakneck speed too.

The start of each school year is universally associated with new beginnings and the prospect of a bright and limitless future.  It is a time when hopes run high and expectations even higher.  But it is also a great harbourer of the past, of tradition, of all things familiar, and the importance of memories shared with a community of people that already are, or who one day will become near and dear to us.  Ultimately, the start of the cycle of the new school year and the excitement that it brings is something that unites us all – young and old – for almost every person we know has been a part of this incredible end of summer rite of passage at some point in their life. It is part of the generational ties that bind.

Well… the end of June is here, and although it is completely irrational to think that time goes any quicker or slower from one day/month/year to the next, it does not stop me thinking that it does.  It is as though we have barely blinked and the school year has somehow vanished into ether.

I have shared with you in previous newsletters that the whirlwind of activities that occur both inside and outside of classrooms each day provides moments of magic that make the vocation of teaching and learning as rewarding as any other that exists.  As a school community, we have been blessed to be able to share many of those types of moments with your daughters and sons throughout the past 10 months – both individually and collectively.  We sincerely hope that many of our students have met or exceeded many of the personal goals that they set for themselves back in September.  For those goals that remain unfinished… and that is bound to happen for all of us… please know that we always have the opportunity to re-calibrate our compass and add them to our start-up checklist next year.

There is likely a good deal of introspection and reflection happening over the next few months for our Grads of 2019, our 56th Graduating Class, as they begin to contemplate life beyond STMC.  On behalf of our entire school community, I would like to wish each of our graduates the absolute very best as they move onto the next stage in their life.  May God keep you and guide you always… and may your hopes and dreams be forever within your grasp.

Lastly, the effort that our students have put into their studies, academically and athletically, this past year is unbelievably commendable.  Hard work has produced great results and we are proud of your accomplishments this past year.

Blessings to all!

Steve Garland – Principal, STMC

Jason Wong

Author: Jason Wong