Controlling the Controllables!

Dear STMC Students & Parents,

Like most, I am also drawn into the daily news briefing by the our Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Minister of Health, Mr. Adrian Dix. And just like you… I too am concerned at the rising number of positive case numbers for COVID-19 throughout the Lower Mainland, B.C., Canada, and indeed, around the world. As we complete Week 7 of our new school year… now is the absolute perfect time to remind everyone in our STMC Family to continue to be on-guard. We implore ALL to not become lax in your behaviours – both here at the school, as well as within the wider community.

Our STMC COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan is very good! But only a fool would suggest that it is fail proof. Ultimately, it is completely underpinned by the need for everyone to do absolutely everything within their power to ensure not only their own safety… but the safety of everyone else too! If we are to safeguard our two Christian Brothers, my staff, and our entire student population we MUST all take measures to “control the controllables”, as Mr. Bernie Kully (’94) was famous for saying.

There are a number of things that EVERYONE can do to partner with us during this time:

  • Be caring and compassionate with your fellow STMC students and families. As a faith and learning community – more than ever – let us model our values of Care, Comfort, and Compassion for our every single person in our STMC Family.


  • Complete the Daily Health Check prior to coming to school each morning (and report any concerning changes). Staff or students who exhibit any of the symptoms listed or feel unwell, should not come to school.


  • Please be mindful when gathering with family and friends when you are not at school


  • Limit your bubble outside school. Keep your inner circle small.


  • While we can do our best at school to implement health and safety protocols, we are all at risk of inadvertently exposing ourselves to COVID-19 through work, socializing, and sports/arts activities. Be mindful in limiting these engagements as much as possible and take all precautions that you can.


  • Continue to remind our young Knights about the Health & Safety Protocols that we should all be following (i.e. physical distancing, hand hygiene, wearing masks where and when required, and most notably, stay home when sick).


The restrictions placed on community sports and fine arts programs are not the same as they are for schools. I honestly wish they were! Rightfully so, schools have had far more stringent requirements placed upon them in terms of the size, composition, and the mixing of their learning groups for contact tracing purposes. We are well aware that many of our students – students in different Families of House (MORE/RICE) – both socialize and practice/play on the same outside teams and clubs outside of school. All the more reason for us to be vigilant in our behaviours!

As the Holy Father, Pope Francis proclaimed on an overcast and (fittingly) dreary, rainy day in his Urbi Et Orbi address to an empty St. Peter’s Square at the beginning of the lockdown back in late March… we are all in the same boat… in the midst of an unexpected, turbulent storm. To survive it we must band together… and row in the same direction. Let’s each of us do our part and “control the controllables”!

Yours in Christ,
Steve Garland
Principal – STMC


Author: WongJ

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