Season of Advent

The season of Advent is a sacred time, and the Advent candles are reminders for the Catholic Faithful. The purple “Prophecy candle” reminds us that Advent is a time to be grateful for the arrival of the Messiah, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The white “Christ candle” reminds us that this is time to celebrate the purifying “new life” that we receive when we accept Jesus Christ as our saviour. The pink “Shepherd’s candle” reminds us of the joy of the faithful, the celebration of Jesus’ anticipated return to us one day. Advent is a time of Gratitude, a time of Renewal, and a time of Hope.

Gratitude. On behalf of the Admin Team, we wish to express the deep sense of gratitude that we feel. Our students, our parents, and our Faculty and Staff worked together and have persevered through the challenges presented by COVID-19 in 2021-2022. The entire STMC family demonstrated the sense of community that defines us. The members of the STMC family truly lived out Servant-Leadership by putting the needs of others first, by helping others grow, by inspiring others to lead, and by helping the materially poor and the marginalized. We are grateful to have the privilege to lead this community.

Renewal. The new year provides us with an sense of renewal; a new year means new learning and new opportunities. The new year provides us with opportunities to blaze trails, opportunities to achieve our goals, and opportunities to actualize the STMC mission to lead, to learn, and to serve. As a new Admin Team, we embrace the challenge to lead STMC into a new year, to inculcate the joy of learning, to live out the Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, and to continue to help every member of the STMC community pursue excellence in all endeavours.

Hope. A new year also brings hope. We are hopeful that we can embrace the true spirit of Truth & Reconciliation in the new year. We are hopeful that we can be committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship. We are hopeful that we will care for each other’s physical and mental health. We are hopeful that we can realize the STMC vision, “For every Knight to optimize their potential, to serve others, and to create a just and caring world.”

As we put the year 2022 behind us, we feel a deep sense of gratitude, an energizing sense of renewal, and an inspiring sense of hope. Like the candles of the Advent wreath, we endeavor to light the way for our Knights families. For some members of our community, we need to be a light in the darkness, for some members of our community, we hope to be the light of discovery and ingenuity, and for other members of our community, we will be the light that illuminates accomplishments and achievements.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever!

Take care, be well, stay safe, and God bless you all.

The Admin Team,
Joe Adams, Principal | Cassie Lauang, Vice-Principal | Ethan Shoemaker, Vice-Principal

Author: WongJ