November 2023 Week of Nov 20-26   


Nov 20 | Day 2 HEFG

Post Secondary Info Night

Nov 21 | Day 1 ABCD

Nov 22 | Day 2 EFGH

CLE Schedule

Nov 23 | Day 1 BCDA

Late Start Schedule
Gr.8/9Jr Volleyball Provincials

Nov 24 | Day 2 FGHE

Mission: Jeans Day
Gr.8/9/Jr Volleyball Provincials

Nov 25

Gr.8/9/Jr Volleyball Provincials



Japanese School Visit

The STMC community will be hosting approximately 80 students from Shonan High School from Japan on Wednesday November 22, from 8:30am to 1pm. A majority of of the activities will take place in the cafeteria during the day. Our students will be taking part in cultural and educational activities with our guests. 80 students from grade 9-12 will be asked to be ambassadors and buddy with each student from Shonan. This will be a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about new cultures for the school.

Career Life

Wednesday, November 22 is a busy day in Career Life classes. Grade 8’s will focus on SMART Goals, Gr. 9’s will cover important topics such as cyber bullying, sextortion, blackmail, and other internet abuses. Gr. 10 students will apply their financial literacy knowledge to create a travel budget for a fictitious vacation. Gr. 11’s will review time management strategies and check-in for their capstone project. Gr. 12’s will choose between 4 sessions including guest speakers from Douglas College, Beedie School of Business (SFU), University of Toronto, and STMC Alumni, Nicolas Chessa who will speak about his own experiences and selecting a fulfilling & engaging career path.


Textiles Club

The Textile Club will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 22 from 2:45-4pm in the Learning Commons.

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Google Classroom, come and see Mrs. DeWith.

Book Study
Engineering 11 students (along with Mr. Bough) are partnering with the Learning Commons in a book study of James Dyson’s Invention: A Life of Learning Through Failure. After a lesson on how to take notes with a technique called ‘Sketchnoting’, students read a section and create a sketchnote summary.

This week, Engineering 11 will come again to the Learning Commons for Session #4 of the book study. Dyson offers very relevant advice for any student. Insightful quotes students found included:

  • “Accept failure to achieve moments of ultimate success” (p.2)
  • “…if you believe you can achieve something-whether as a long-distance runner or maker of a new type of vacuum cleaner-then you have to give the project 100% of your creative energy. You have to believe you’ll get there in the end. You need determination, patience, and willpower” (p.82)


7 days to Launch!

We are approaching the upcoming launch of our Knights Annual Fund Appeal (KAFA) on November 28th, Giving Tuesday. Your support this year will significantly impact our dedicated students and teachers by fulfilling their wishlists. These items contribute to creating a more enriching learning environment and a stronger community for our Knights.

Additionally, your contributions play a crucial role in funding our bursary programs. Nearly 20% of our students benefit from full or partial bursaries, aligning with Blessed Edmund Rice’s Essential #3 and our core mission and values.

On the upcoming Giving Tuesday launch, we’re fortunate to have generous donors providing matching donations. ZLC Employee Benefits and Dan Eisner have generously committed up to $5000 in matching gifts. This means every dollar contributed on November 28th will have an even more significant impact. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Alumni Association, our students and teachers have raised $1000 each. These funds will trigger a 1:3 matching donation once we reach the initial $5000 target.

Your generous contribution on November 28th will make a meaningful difference and ensure that every dollar goes further. Regardless of the denomination, your support is immensely appreciated.

Scan the QR code to donate easily.


On Friday, November 24, the CISVA Junior Band Day is taking place. Grade 9 and 10 band students will be away that day to attend the event.

Tickets are now on sale for Christmas Music Knight being held on December 1, at 7pm in the gym. Purchase your tickets via Eventbrite.


The ADST department are collaborating with Hawkeyes Drone Academy in putting on a series of mechatronic style sessions here at STMC. The aim is to have a series of 6 sessions every Wednesday 3:00-4:00 in the Design Lab. This sessions includes: an introduction in to systems process and coding, programming BBC microbit, programming a robotic arm, and potentially programming a small wheel wheeled robot.

The sessions are an introduction into coding, with a link to mechanical control.

This is for grade 8 only.

If you are interested please contact Mr. Bough at


On Monday, November 20 (4-6pm), the Cross Country Team will celebrate their season with a Wrap-Up Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Parents are invited to join in the festivities at 5:30 PM.


The STMC Parents Association is kicking off their winter fundraiser by partnering with Growing Smiles Fundraising and having a plant sale. Plants are a great way to bring happiness to family and friends this holiday season while choosing to support a healthy fundraiser.

For more information, check out the Growing Smiles STMC page.