January 2024 Week of Jan 22-28  


Jan 22 | Day 1 ABCD

Gr.8/Jr/Sr Boys Basketball @ Byrne Creek
Gr.8 Girls Basketball vs Byrne Creek

Jan 23 | Day 2 EFGH

Sr Boys vs Alpha

Jan 24 | Day 1 BCDA

Advisory Schedule
Gr.8 Boys @ Glenbrook
Gr.8 Girls @ FRMS

Jan 25 | Day 2 FGHE

Late Start
Gr.9 Retreat – MORE House
Gr.8/Jr Boys vs Alpha

Jan 26 | Day 1 CDAB

Gr.9 Retreat – RICE House
Gr.8 Boys & Girls Chancellor Tournament
Sr Girls Southridge Tournament

Jan 27

Gr.8 Boys & Girls Chancellor Tournament
Sr Girls Southridge Tournament



Attention, grade 8 students! Just a reminder that your elective courses are set to change on Friday, January 6.


Grade 9 students will have their Retreat on Thursday January 25th and Friday January 26th.  Students in the More Family of Houses (London, Canterbury and Oxford) will have their retreat on Thursday January 25th. Students from the Rice Family of Houses (Dublin, Limerick and Waterford) will have their retreat on Friday January 26th.

Students will attend regular classes when not on their retreat day.  The NET team will be running this retreat that will take place at the Burnaby Hall just behind the school. NET is a Catholic youth outreach ministry who will be engaging our students in a variety of prayerful and leadership activities with a focus on Jesus in their lives.  For more information you can log onto


We are still looking for individuals who can offer a helping hand to our cause!

The 3 Pillar Advisory Committee at STMC, comprising of (in no particular order) Truth & Reconciliation; Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (JEDI+B); and Environmental Sustainability; is actively seeking individuals with a passion in one or more of these areas. Maybe you work in the industry, or perhaps you have a connection to one of these areas in some way, shape, or form.

If you can lend some help in the journey to support the STMC Administration and STMC Board to advance and integrate these pillars into school decisions and priorities, we would love to hear from you! Your participation will play a pivotal role in shaping a positive impact that will propel STMC community forward for years to come.

To express your interest and offer your assistance, kindly fill out this form: Expression of Interest




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