STMC Strategic Plan 2021-2025

On behalf of the Board of Directors of STMC, we are pleased to present the St. Thomas More Collegiate Strategic Plan “Looking Forward 2021-2025”. This plan is a culmination of many months of consultation and input from almost 300 representatives from across the STMC community including staff, students, parents, alumni and donors. Thank you to everyone who participated in the online surveys and the in-person sessions.

Our hope and expectation is that “Looking Forward 2021-2025” will provide an impactful roadmap as STMC continues its pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors. Clearly, we can only advance our mission and aspirations with a united vision, distinct priorities and an engaged community. Please help us make this a living document through your own participation and by holding us accountable to deliver on our plan.


Download the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan