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The STMC community is a lifelong circle of friends and a network of business and career opportunities. And, for those Alumni who have children, STMC especially welcomes second- and third-generation Knights.

We are building a more vibrant Alumni program that not only serves as a source of role models and inspiration for our current Knights, but continues to serve our alumni at every stage of their life and career. We want to spotlight alumni doing interesting things, and make sure you receive the Alumni Newsletter, invites to alumni reunions and notices on opportunities to network or help out with current student activities and their curriculum.

We want to keep your information current in the STMC Alumni Directory. WE ESPECIALLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BIG LIFE EVENTS. Send us a note when you move, graduate from college or university, get a new job, get married, or have a baby. We want to remember you at those important times, and with your permission, share your news with the greater STMC community.

If you would like to sign up to receive alumni-related newsletters, please email

Mr. D. Zimmermann
Director Alumni Relations
604-521-1801 ext 2439