Every year, we welcome new faces and say goodbye to others as they move on in their careers. This year, we have 4 staff members who will be leaving the school:

Fane has been behind the scene in the business office providing support in her role as Accounts Assistant for 17 years. She has worked closely with the Director of Business Operations to maintain numerous business and accounting functions including provision of charitable receipts for tuition. As a role model, her strong faith also helped contribute to STMC’s culture. Fane is retiring and plans to spend more time with her husband and family.


During his two years at STMC Matt has made positive impact on students and colleagues alike. During his time at STMC he has been a pivotal member of the English department, teaching English 10 to 12. In addition, Matt contributed outside of the class room leading a number of our Pro D initiatives and as the JV Football Head Coach and the Varsity Football Offensive Coordinator. Matt is a naturally curious, creative and intuitive person, he is an expert on educational pedagogy, he is a dedicated life-long learner, and he is dedicated to equality, diversity, and social justice. Matt is returning to England with his wife, Amanda and his son Auden, to be closer to his wife’s family.


Mr. Steele will be on a year’s leave with a possibility of transitioning into retirement. KC has been at STMC for 34 years. He has had a long and impactful career at STMC, most recently as Vice Principal of grades 11-12 and teaching Math 8 and Design Engineering. Outside of the classroom KC has influenced hundreds of Knights to optimize their potential through sports. KC coached Wrestling and Javelin for years, but he is best known for building the Football program into a perennial provincial contender. As co-head Coach, KC lead the Knights to Varsity AAA Football championships in 1999, 2000, and 2003. KC is a true, Polymath, a Renaissance Man who can do almost anything. KC is completely at home in the outdoors, he is a creative and adept problem-solver, and he is incredibly mechanically inclined. KC is STMC’s resident MacGyver. KC and his wife, Lisa are relocating to the interior where they can pursue their love of outdoor activities.


Mike Kinal started at STMC in September 1981. During his 40 years at STMC he led many diverse programs and made an enormous contribution to STMC’s advancement of excellence. He taught woodworking, metalwork, mechanics, and technology. For almost 30 years, he coordinated and led all the music for every school mass, Christmas celebration, and Grad Mass that occurred at STMC. He contributed significantly to a number of the school’s musical drama productions, both as an advisor and a player. For many years, he also coached both the swim and tennis teams. The Celtic crosses hanging in the gym and in the 2nd floor hallway heading towards the multi-media / athletic wing are also the result of his craftsmanship. Both his daughters attended STMC from grades 8 through 12.

His guitar building skills and the accomplishment of his students are legendary. Mike is equally talented as a musician and has volunteered countless hours entertaining in senior homes. In his retirement Mike will continue to share his passion and musical talent as a volunteer.

Mr. Chris Toth gave a moving tribute to Mike at both the recent MORE and RICE Graduation Farewell Assemblies and included photos and memories featuring Mike’s illustrious teaching career.

In addition, we offer these tributes to thank Mike and wish him well in his retirement.

From the Board Chair – Dan Eisner
On behalf of the board and the entire STMC community, I want to thank you for your amazing 40 years of service to STMC. From your early years when you taught woodworking, metal works, mechanics and technology while supporting the integration of music into the school’s activities to more recent years where you provided a unique opportunity for students to design and build guitar, your contribution to STMC is impressive! A commitment to teaching that spanned 4 decades is truly a legacy and STMC will build on your great work as we go forward over the coming decades. Your volunteer time entertaining seniors is a sign of your compassion and commitment to service to others. We are truly blessed at STMC by your dedication and outstanding teaching career. Enjoy your retirement.

From the President – Dianne Doyle
Mike, What a remarkable career. I hope you are proud of the impact you have had on so many students and staff at STMC. You have contributed to STMC’s ongoing advancement of excellence in teaching and learning! Mission Statements, Visions and Values are only words until they are put into action. Your selfless actions and commitment to the development of our students and our STMC community are appreciated and will serve as an excellent model for other to emulate over the coming decades. On behalf of the entire STMC community I thank you and wish you a happy and healthy retirement.

From the Principal – Steve Garland

Mike, Legacy is an often overused word. How else, though, can you accurately describe a career that spanned four decades and exemplified the charism of Blessed Edmund? You’ve led with a servant’s heart and you leave knowing that you have positively touched the hearts and minds of (literally) thousands of Knights during your time at STMC. Ours is a craft where we give a little piece of ourselves away to every person whose path we are blessed to cross. What an amazing notion to think of the influence your work has had, Mike. I wish you continued health and immense happiness!


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