Location: the Anvil Centre

Thursday, April 25 @ 7PM
Friday, April 26 @ 7PM
Saturday, April 27 @ 7PM

This student production is a contemporary version of the original Hans Christian Anderson story ‘The Little Mermaid’. This adaptation is by playwright Polly Teale, whose treatment of the work focuses heavily on the 21st century themes of loss of voice and issues that affect teenagers in the 21st Century. This is not the Disney version! The work is presented by 23 members of the STMC community supported by a range of student-led production support.

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Cast Interview

Dive into the magic of Mermaid by Polly Teale with our exclusive cast interview! Join the talented cast members as they share behind-the-scenes insights, from character revelations to the camaraderie that makes this production unforgettable. Don’t miss this chance to connect with the cast and discover the passion that brings Mermaid to life!

Watch the interview: STMC Drama Production 2023-2024 – Mermaid | Cast Interview

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