We’ll be featuring our senior athletes that have signed to their chosen post-secondary education school where they’ll be continuing both their education and their athletic journey.

For the month of April, here are the first 4 knights to be featured:

Milena Kalisch

School: Simon Fraser University

Track & Field and Cross Country

 Gender, Women, and Studies in the Social Sciences

Favorite STMC Athletics Moment:
 When I was in grade 10 and STM won multiple banners all thanks to the athletes who ran exceptionally well!

Nicolas Osho

School: University of Toronto


Humanities but looking to transfer into business in the future

Favourite STMC Athletics Memory:
Tie between winning the JV Chancellor tournament in grade 10 or beating Mount Doug in the football quarter finals in 2019

Katelyn Stewart-Barnett

School: Michigan State

Track and field

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Favorite STMC Athletics Moment:
The trip to cross country provincials in grade 8

Ben Soenen

School: Young Harris College (Georgia)

Sport: Lacrosse

Majoring in Biology and Minoring in Psychology

Favourite STMC Athletic Memory: Beating NDSS in brave heart after tying them in a 7-7 game.

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