Thursday, August 17, 2023

Since our March 30, 2023 Litigation Update, Class Counsel, St. Thomas More, and others have reached an agreement to work towards a resolution and mediation settlement of this matter. As a school community, we see this as a fundamental and necessary first step in this truth, reconciliation, and healing journey. We are hopeful that the process would have run its course by year-end.

STMC has also committed to ensuring that we make every reasonable effort to ensure that Notice of the Class Action is disseminated to students enrolled at any time between 1976-1989 by the following methods:

(a) via any and all alumni portals, websites, or newsletters;

(b) directly to individual former students using any physical address or email address contact information in St. Thomas More Collegiate’s possession, power or control; and

(c) via St. Thomas More Collegiate’s social media accounts.

Formal notice to the members of the Class will begin later this week [Dissemination Plan]. While our email database is updated regularly, we are ultimately dependent on the information that is provided to us by alumni and parents. Please contact to ensure that we have your name and contact information, and, that it is accurate and current.

Again, since served with notice of the Class Action Certification lawsuit in late January 2021, St. Thomas More Collegiate continues to express profound concern and sympathy to anyone who has been impacted in any way by any form of abuse. Moreover, the school recognizes that abuse claims are serious, and should be dealt with carefully, respectfully, and with utmost sensitivity. Crimes of abuse are tragic, horrific, and have lifelong impacts on victims and those that love them. To that end, STMC has committed – and remains committed – to cooperating fully in this legal process and supporting any survivors of the alleged abuse.

Yours in Christ,

Stephen J Garland
President – STMC

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