Hello St. Thomas More Students and Families,

GradsBC will be setting up their portable studios in our school to photograph each student for ID services with the option to purchase print and digital products.
STMC students will be photographed on: Friday, September 24th

  • Each student will be photographed on two backgrounds, one medium blue and one white.
  • Three to four poses will be taken, including a 3/4 pose (so be prepared from head to waistline).
  • All images taken will be uploaded into an online gallery within three days for viewing.
  • On photo day each student will be provided with a notice that contains details for accessing their online gallery
  • Deadlines and retake information will be provided in the online gallery.
  • Orders will be shipped directly to the students’ home addresses.
  • GradsBC Customer Service team is available to provide codes for online access, should the notice not make it home

Sept 24: Students will be called to the MPR in the following order beginning at 8:30 am: 

  • Grade 8 – 144
  • Grade 12 – 138
  • Grade 11 – 128
  • Grade 9 – 137
  • Grade 10 – 146


Note regarding online access code:
We create unique codes by combining the Student ID number with the 2 digit birth date. Ex: if a Student ID number is 00123 and they were born on January 3rd, the online code would be 0012303. If they were born on July 15th, the online code would be 0012315.

GradsBC Customer Service: or call 604-461-3722 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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