Every years STMC recognizes the outstanding achievers. At each grade level we have the Knight of the Year Award and this year we’re giving out two Spirit Award winners, one from the More family and one from the Rice family. At the grade 12 level we also award the Larry Johnston Memorial Citizenship Award and announce the Valedictorian.

Here are the winners:

STMC House Cup: Oxford

Grade 8 Spirit Award – More: Isabelle Chay
Grade 8 Spirit Award – Rice: Wyatt Kully
Grade 8 Knight of the Year: Ieve Reilly

Grade 9 Spirit Award – More: Everett Adams
Grade 9 Spirit Award – Rice: Natalia Pugliese
Grade 9 Knight of the Year: Massimo Bosa

Grade 10 Spirit Award – More: Aoife Carolan
Grade 10 Spirit Award – Rice: Dominic Kully
Grade 10 Knight of the Year: Callum Rogers

Grade 11 Spirit Award – More: Annette Yu
Grade 11 Spirit Award – Rice: Maggie Pugosa
Grade 11 Knight of the Year: Cameron DeWith

Grade 12 Spirit Award – More: Alexander McPhee
Grade 12 Spirit Award – Rice: Nicolas Osho
Grade 12 Larry Johnston Memorial Citizenship Award: Brooklyn Coletta
Grade 12 Knight of the Year: Alicia Bremer & Sean Hernandez
Grade 12 Valedictorian: Brooklyn Coletta & Sean Hernandez

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