Dear Students and Parents/Guardians of the STMC Class of 2022,

It is our sincere hope that this email finds you and all of those you hold near & dear well and in good spirits!

2022 Graduation Mass & Reception – Thursday, May 19th, 2022
Last Thursday’s Graduation Mass official kicked off the month long period where we officially gather in community to fete and celebrate the hopes, dreams, achievements, and successes of our graduating Grade 12s.  It is always an incredibly special evening and this year’s mass was no exception! The prayers from those gathered, the songs from our choirs, and the liturgy and homily by Father Yoon seemed to have added meaning given this was the first time we have been able to celebrate this holy mass (in person) in three years.

Events happen and people come and gather… but they are only made possible because of a legion of staff and parent volunteers that enable it to be put on.  A hardy thank you to the entire PA Grad Committee for making the post-mass reception an occasion to remember!  In particular, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of Liza Elliot and Suzanne Sachinidis, the Parent Leads who helped orchestrate and organize this year’s Grad Mass Reception.

Most of the events that have and will happen to fete this year’s Grads are made possible because of the servant leadership demonstrated by a small but dedicated army of Grade 12 parent volunteers. We are indebted to ALL of them!

Farewell Assembly – Wednesday, June 15th, 2022
While exams and final assessments take place after this event, this annual assembly of our student body on the final day of classes ceremoniously brings an end to the school year.  We start the school year with a full school assembly… and we end it with one.  In it we take the time to honour retiring and departing staff. But it’s real purpose is for all assembled to witness a time honoured tradition at STMC – the symbolic passing of the mantel of school leadership from the outgoing Graduating Class (our Gr. 12s) to that of the incoming Graduating Class (our current Gr. 11s).

2022 Graduation Ceremonies & Reception – Thursday, June 23rd, 2022
As communicated in early February we made the decision to hold our Graduation Ceremonies here at the school instead of using an outside venue.  At the time, with the uncertainties of the then COVID-19 protocols and gathering restrictions, hosting the event here at STMC enabled us to have more control as it fell into the separate K-12 COVID-19 protocols.

While space will be limited, each Grad will be given the opportunity to have up to four guests attend the ceremony in person.  An official invite will arrive by mail within the next two weeks.  As we have done the last two years, this event will also be livestreamed.  The link will be sent out to families – closer to the event – in order to pass along to family and friends both near and far for them to tune in and watch the ceremonies live.

Doors will open at 4PM and the event will begin at 4:30PM.

A reception with light refreshments will follow the official ceremonies.  This is also an excellent opportunity, however, for families to gather and head out after the ceremonies for a family celebration.  If you are thinking about making reservations we suggest that you leave it to a later sitting – sometime after 7:30PM that evening.

2022 Graduation Dinner & Dance – Friday, June 24th, 2022
Details regarding ticket sales and event start/end times were emailed to students and families last week. Mr. Joe Muise is our staff volunteer that coordinates this event.  In addition to his senior academic teaching responsibilities, he is also a varsity coach who’s currently in the midst of preparing our JV and Sr. teams for the BC Ultimate Provincial Championships (May 26-29).  If you should have any questions regarding the dinner dance we kindly ask that you reach out to him after May 30th, 2022.

2022 After Grad – Saturday, June 25th, 2022
Students will be bussed directly from the Fairmont – Vancouver Hotel to the After Grad venue immediately following the dinner dance.

Please Note: This fabulous dry grad event is a not school-sponsored, but is put on and made possible by the phenomenal efforts of the STMC PA Grad Committee – a committee of parent volunteers.

2022 Graduation Breakfast – Monday, June 27th, 2022
This final “official” Graduation Event is again a time honoured tradition at STMC… and is yet again made possible by the generosity and the efforts of our PA Grad Committee volunteers.

This event will take place in the school Café.  It is a final opportunity for our graduating students to spend a portion of their morning with our staff before they depart from our school as STMC Alumni.

This event will begin at 9AM and will conclude around 11AM.

God Bless & Kind Regards!

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