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History 12 Activism Project: Human Trafficking

In History 12, students have been studying the 1960’s through the lens of activism to end the school year. They have embarked on a project-based learning activity and have developed a comprehensive activism project aimed at raising awareness and combating the issue of human trafficking.

Through research, community outreach, and creative initiatives, they are hoping to inform their peers and the community about this pressing issue. The project not only enriches their own understanding of historical and contemporary issues but also empowers them to become active, informed citizens making a real world impact. More specifically, they are lobbying for MP Peter Julian’s vote to support Senator Salma Ataullajan’s Bill S-263, an Act to respect a National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking.

The students have drawn the attention and praise of Anu George Canjanathoppil, the CEO of International Justice Mission Canada (IJM Canada), an organization seeking to project people in poverty from violence. Ms. Canajanathoppil sent a video addressing our students and we are grateful for her inspiring and informational message.

How can you get involved?

1) Sign their petition and share it!

2) Find your MP and write a letter asking for their support of Bill S-263

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