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Knightly Weekly | June 10-16

Week at a Glance: Here’s a snapshot at the upcoming week!

June 2024

Week of June 10-16

June 10 | Day 2 EFGH
Night of Knights

June 11 | Day 1 BCDA

June 12 | Day 2 FGHE
Grad Farewell

June 13
Tutorials & Exams

June 14
Tutorials & Exams


Congratulations to all the members of the 2024-2025 Student Council:

Grad 2028
Alisha Barts & Wesley Harmer
Laura Brant Maia Franqueira & Charlotte Orser

Grad 2027
Isabella Comuzzi & Ariana Wang
Bree Lu & Jaden Piamonte
Kristina Prtenjaca & Lauren Wong

Grad 2026
Caitlin Cahill & Lauren Warick
Dario Dekovic & Camila Lozano Ibarra
Remo Giovinazzo & Carlo Pinske
Maia Kanagawa & Hana Miles

Grad 2025
Ethan Anagnostou & Nick Fok
Elyza Castro & Bernice To
Olivia Casumpang & Stefanie Mocnik
Vilson Lai & Sophia Spraggs
Ieve Reilly & Devyn Tabernero


Tutorials and final exams start this Wednesday, June 12! This marks an important time of the year when students are tested on what they’ve learned thus far.

Tutorials help provide a final opportunity for students to clarify any remaining doubts and solidify their understanding of key concepts before examination. Attending these sessions can be crucial for grasping difficult material and receiving personalized guidance from instructors.

All exams will be written in the GYM except AnaPhys 12 Lab

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your exam

Students MUST be in proper dress code for all exams

Ensure all Textbooks and resources are returned prior to your exam


In History 12, students have been studying the 1960’s through the lens of activism to end the school year. They have embarked on a project-based learning activity and have developed a comprehensive activism project aimed at raising awareness and combating the issue of human trafficking.

Through research, community outreach, and creative initiatives, they are hoping to inform their peers and the community about this pressing issue. The project not only enriches their own understanding of historical and contemporary issues but also empowers them to become active, informed citizens making a real world impact. More specifically, they are lobbying for MP Peter Julian’s vote to support Senator Salma Ataullajan’s Bill S-263, an Act to respect a National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking.

The students have drawn the attention and praise of Anu George Canjanathoppil, the CEO of International Justice Mission Canada (IJM Canada), an organization seeking to project people in poverty from violence. Ms. Canajanathoppil sent a video addressing our students and we are grateful for her inspiring and informational message.

How can you get involved?

1) Sign their petition and share it!

2) Find your MP and write a letter asking for their support of Bill S-263


Graduating students should have received a Dry Grad Consent form in their English classes this week. If you were not present in your English class, please drop by the front office and pick one up from Mrs. Cirillo. Every student MUST complete a Dry Grad Consent form if they want to attend Dry Grad and return it by June 14, 2024.

If students are bringing a guest to the Dinner and Dance, students MUST complete a “Guest Application Form” which is located outside of the admin office. Feel free to pick one up and fill it out. “Guest Application Forms” must be returned to either Mr. Shoemaker or Ms. Lauang by June 10, 2024.


The Vancouver Bandits basketball team is offering STMC a special promotional rate on tickets for their game on June 13th, 2024 at the Langley Events Center.

You can purchase two tickets for the price of one for

only $30 (limited to 2 tickets per family)! This is a great opportunity to check out the Vancouver Bandits if you’ve never seen them before. They are a Canadian professional basketball team based in Langley, British Columbia, that compete in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). This would be a fun and amazing evening to watch live basketball at a very high level, don’t miss out!

Secure your tickets here:

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