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Knightly Weekly | June 17-23

By June 16, 2024June 24th, 2024Weekly Newsletter

Week at a Glance: Here’s a snapshot at the upcoming week!

June 2024

Week of June 17-23

June 17
Tutorials & Exams

June 18
Tutorials & Exams

June 19
Tutorials & Exams

June 20
Grad Breakfast

June 21
Grad Ceremony


Tutorials and final exams start this Wednesday, June 12! This marks an important time of the year when students are tested on what they’ve learned thus far.

Tutorials help provide a final opportunity for students to clarify any remaining doubts and solidify their understanding of key concepts before examination. Attending these sessions can be crucial for grasping difficult material and receiving personalized guidance from instructors.

All exams will be written in the GYM except AnaPhys 12 Lab

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your exam

Students MUST be in proper dress code for all exams

Ensure all Textbooks and resources are returned prior to your exam


With the end of exams, comes the start of summer break for our students.  Each and every Knight has grown and achieved so much.

Now, it is time for everyone to unwind, relax, and enjoy a well-deserved summer break. Whether there are exciting adventures planned, time to be spent with family and friends, or simply moments of relaxation, we hope that everyone’s summer is an enjoyable one.

Students are reminded to take care of themselves, stay safe, and have fun.

Best of luck to our senior students who are graduating and moving on towards the next step in their journey. STMC will always be your home. Once a Knight, always a Knight!

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