Late/Absentee Forms

As we slowly adjust back to the school year schedule, it is important that the school office receive a note from the parent or guardian whenever a student is absent, late, or requires an early dismissal. Take the time to review the below Attendance Policy to have an understanding of what is required. In summary, please notify Ms. Jensen if your child will be missing any classes, whether they will be late, leaving early or missing any amount of class time.

Similarly, a notice must also be given when a parent or guardian will be out of reach for an extended period. Please call our absentee line is (604.521.1801 and follow the prompts) and follow up with a physical note excusing their absence or email directly at This is on top of the COVID-19 reporting that is sent out every morning.

Download the appropriate form below and return it to Ms. Jensen by email, fax, or send the form to school with your child.

Attendance Policy

Form 1 – Late/Absent/Early Dismissal

Form 2 – Extended Absence

Ms. Caitlin Jensen
Administrative Assistant
604-521-1801 ext. 2128