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2021 – 2022 PA Executive Members


President/Chairperson Evangeline Jonasson
Vice-President/Co-Chairperson Francisca Oduoza
Treasurer Jessie Yang
Secretary Teresa Dolmat
Director Richelle Akol, Tracy Bolognese, Rekha Singh
Previous President Jocelyn Hernandez
Member-at-Large Nina Caspillo, Beata Bulic, Rahiwa Fesahaye, Nancy Custodio, Katie Harmer, Ronnie Jeng, René Mrzljak

Committees/Team Leaders

Baking Susie Doiron
Communications Melissa Chua & Sonia Leung
Decorations Anne Lam Fok & Cliona Ng
Events Nina Caspillo
Grad Committee
Evangeline Jonasson & Marika Wasaznik
Hospitality Rahiwa Fesahaye
Fundraising Beata Bulic
Knight Club (Used uniforms) Samantha Coletta & Alison Sutherland
Knights Christmas Market Nancy Custodio & Katie Harmer
Lost & Found Nicole MacKinnon
Music Knight Nicalin Gnanapragasam
PARENT-TEACHER INTERVIEWS Effie Ainsley, Suzanne Ball, Claudia Garcia, Michelle Kully
Volunteers Ronnie Jeng


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