Parents Association

A Word from the Chairperson

STMC can be proud of having a strong Parents Association (PA) with a diverse group of leaders at the helm.  All parents with students enrolled at the school are members of the STMC Parent Association.

We as a PA are reaching for the stars and strive to be a support system to the entire STMC community, including students, their families and the faculty. It is part of our mission to provide events that are informative, creative and which gather our community together. We can only be strong and support each other if we have opportunities to get to know one another and to share fun times. Our children are raised and influenced every day by the people they come across, so the more parents they know, the stronger they will become.

Please take the opportunity to sign up for events so that you can become engaged and meet people in our community. Always remember that time flies. Please watch for our emails and posts and also feel free to contact us or come to our meetings to find out what’s up and coming and where help is needed. We also appreciate new ideas and support talent that can be shared with our school.

We need every parent’s support in order to be successful.  I feel blessed to have my children at STMC and I will continue to contribute to this fantastic community.

Thank you,
Marie Takacs
STMC Parents Association Chairperson