Career Education

Courses:  Career Education 8, Career Education 9, Career Life Education 10, & Career Life Connections 11-12

Career & Health Education 8 and 9 (Required)
The aim of Career Education 8 and 9 is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will assist them in making informed decisions related to their education, skill set and their future careers.

Career Education 8 and 9 provides a foundation of learning, personal development, connections to the community, and hopefully a start to a student’s life and career plan.  Furthermore, Career Education offers individual students opportunities to acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary for success in school, in the workplace, and in their daily lives.


Career Life Education & Career Life Explorations 10-12 (Required)
The BC Ministry of Education requires both of these new courses for students at part of the new 2018 Graduation Program. Both courses are currently in their DRAFT formats.  We will update and post both courses later this spring when are posted on the ministry website.