The French Language Department instills in students the ability to use language to communicate, and to appreciate Francophone cultures while negotiating the complexities of an intercultural world. Our rigorous, yet fun programs and authentic foreign language activities, prepare students for a culturally diverse world.

French Courses

Core French 8

Students learn to communicate in authentic communication contexts.  The basic elements of French grammar are introduced as a means to facilitate communication.  Students learn to express themselves using complete sentences in predominantly present timeframes.  Reading, writing, listening and speaking activities will focus on vocabulary and structures used to express preferences, emotions, opinions and physical states.  Learners will also explore Francophone communities to appreciate other cultures, as well as their own.

Core French 9

French 9 continues to offer authentic communicative tasks and explore cultural practices in Francophone regions.  A variety of text types are used to increase comprehension and vocabulary. Students begin to have meaningful conversations in French, using structures relating to situational dialogues.  The program introduces the use of past tense to open up students’ capacity to read, write, listen and speak in French.

Core French 10

Core French 10 is designed to use the Ça Marche 3 program. It continues to build comprehension and communication skills in the four areas of language learning; listening, reading, speaking and writing. Students are encouraged to express themselves both orally and in the written form using present, past, future and conditional tenses. Students are introduced to Francophone culture through written text and film. They build towards the end of a unit project with a presentation using a variety of media.

*Some Grade 10 students may be able to take a higher-level course if prerequisites have been met. 

Core French 11

In this program students explore a variety of texts and express themselves with better fluency orally and in writing.  Students will continue to learn new vocabulary and expressions and further written and communicative skills through an interactive and immersive approach. They will experience a variety of creative works such as dance, songs, or books, as language and culture are intertwined.   This course currently fulfills the language requirement for entrance into many post-secondary institutions.

Core French 12

Core French 12 (FR 12) French 12 prepares students for post-secondary studies, while at the same time developing their skills in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing French. The program consists of five units, each comprising a wide variety of reading and listening activities. Students examine social issues as a context for advanced grammar. Oral communication is a strong component of French 12, with classes conducted in open-ended question format, debates, presentations, and role-playing. The reading sections are authentic and present students with materials they will encounter in post-secondary. Students are expected to possess knowledge of all the simple tenses, and most of the compound tenses. Currently, at UBC, French 12 fulfills the language requirement to receive a General Arts Degree. Prerequisite: Core French 11- a 67% standing or better is recommended.