2022-2023 Course Selection

Our annual course selection process begins in February and continues until the beginning of March. We usually kick-off the process with separate grade-specific parent and student meetings hosted by our Administration & Academic Counselling teams to outline and review the programs, pathways, and academic options available to students at each grade level. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, it is highly possible that our Course Selection Parent Information sessions may need to be done virtually again this year.

What is the process going to look like this year?

Similar to last year with a few twists!

Student Meetings:

Our Academic Counselling Team will be meeting in February with all of our current Grade 8s, 9s, 10s, and 11s to review the course selection process. Follow-up Grade level meetings, as well as individual meetings, will also be done at this time. Students with specific questions related to a particular course or regarding their own individual education plan and/or goals are encouraged (after speaking with their parents) to review the 2022-2023 Course Programming Guide, speak directly with an Academic Counsellor, or consult their current teachers.

Parents and the Course Selection Process:

Parents obviously play a massive role in this process.  We have encouraged our students to sit down with their family to discuss their course selections for 2022-2023 (as well as the individual education goals they will be setting for themselves) before submitting their final selections.  All of the requisite materials and resources are available for parents and students to view and download using the links found on this page.

Grade level specific Course Selection Presentations, as well as a series of screen-casted videos that go over many of the Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) we receive from parents and students during our regular live and in-person sessions are available below.

Course Selection Presentations

Our Academic Counselling Team, as always, is available to answer any questions you might have.

*Please Note: The Course Selection module will be open via the Parent Portal of PowerSchool effective Tuesday, February 22, 2022 @ 12 Noon.  The deadline for the submission of 2021-2022 Course Selections is Friday, March 4th, 2022 before Midnight.


We are in the process of updating ALL of the relevant Course Selection materials (our Programming Guide, the Course Programming Check-List, as well as the grade specific Course Selection Forms) for 2022-2023.  Please check back on February 9, 2022 to view and download these particular items as you navigate the 2022-2023 Course Selection Process.

Please Note: The various Course Selection Presentations and the “Screen Cast” Support Videos from last year are still jam-packed with excellent information and are still wonderful resources for our students and their families. We encourage students and families to continue to utilize these items until our 2022-2023 Presentation Materials are uploaded.

Course Programming Guide

“Screen-Cast” Support Videos

New Parents Presentation - Feb 25th 2021

New Parents Presentation – February 25th 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Grade 8/9 to Grade 9/10

Grade 10/11 to Grade 11/12

Course Selection Resources on STMC Website

Course Selection by Reviewing University Program Requirements