Foundations of Student Learning

Foundations of Student learning @ STMC

St. Thomas More Collegiate believes that every one of our students has the ability to excel, and we also recognize that the path to excellence differs for each of us.

STMC offers an academic program that is demanding, stimulating and engaging. It challenges students intellectually and encourages them to reach their full academic potential as it provides them with rich learning experiences in a wide variety of subject areas.

We offer numerous opportunities for experiential learning, as well as personalized choices in academics and co-curricular & extracurricular activities.  Our ultimate goal is to make community connections and apply learning to real-world issues and problems.

Students, parents and teachers work together as partners to help students develop their strengths and passions.  Students take ownership and responsibility for their own learning through articulation of individual learner pathways. Teachers, as designers of learning, employ a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies, skills, and tactics. Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, our program at the Grade 8 and 9 levels is being re-imagined to foster literacy, numeracy, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Highlights of BC’s Redesigned Curriculum within our Academic Context

✔ Personalized Learning: The redesign of BC’s curriculum provides us with flexibility to inspire the personalization of learning and addresses the diverse needs and interests of our

✔ Aboriginal Perspectives and Knowledge: Aboriginal culture and perspectives are integrated throughout all areas of learning. For example, we are striving to examine Indigenous ways of knowing and reflect the First Peoples Principles of Learning within the

✔ Flexible Learning Environments: BC’s redesigned curriculum provides our teachers with great flexibility in creating learning environments that are relevant, engaging and

✔ Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities: The curriculum redesign allows for greater flexibility in planning learning experiences across disciplines by combining Big Ideas and Curricular Competencies. Designing a singular project from various perspectives and allowing for deeper skill development in the learning process are key elements of the redesigned