Academic Counselling Resources

Post Secondary BC  offers practical information to help narrow down your areas of study, possible institutions and information sessions

Education Planner BC helps learners make well informed decisions about their education and career options. To see all that this site has to offer: Education Planner Tutorial 

BC Colleges   Colleges are a great option as they tend to be smaller in size, offer more personal instruction, are less expensive and allow for a smoother transition from high school to post-secondary institutions. Most courses taken at a college level can be transferred directly into subsequent university programs.  

Industry Training Authority manages over 100 trades programs in BC, 49 of which are Red Seal. Here, you will find information regarding  Apprenticeship programs, Careers in trades/Top in-demand trades, Youth in trades and essential skill assessments to see if a trade is a good fit for you.

Searching For the right faculty and program?

What Can I do with a Degree In…?

UBC website to search by interests

SFU Admission Compass

If considering universities or colleges in the United States or abroad, these websites offer a great deal of information to  get started on your search.